Saturday, September 5, 2015

Christians, Kim Davis, and Persecution

For the true, bible believing, western Christian, persecution has largely been seen in families and friendships. Christians in America really have no clue of what it means to truly suffer for Christ, unless of course, we have been cast out by family members or shunned by former friends from our preChristian days or by those who like sitting on the fence with one foot in the world and one foot in the church. Westernized Christianity has been of late, a Sunday time (with lunch out to eat after) of worldly singing replete with hypnotizing-same-verse-over-and-over-"I love my boyfriend"-type-songs that are supposed to be about God, blinking lights, disco balls glowing in dark, large "sanctuaries" even though it's 9am on a Sunday morning (making it seem more like a bar than church). A fool hearty concerted effort to follow the Rick Warren's of our day in making church and Christianity palatable to those who really just hate Christ, hate His Word, and want nothing to do with anyone or anything that makes them think of their lives as sinful, but hey, I can feel better about myself if I go, has spun the church into a disco room full of mostly unbelievers who dictate to weak believers and weak pastors what they want including keeping unsaved, worldly "pastors" in pulpits. And the world doesn't know the difference.

Psychology entered the church in the '70s and pastors abdicated their roles in doing that which Christ calls them to do--shepherd the flock, protect the flock, and preach the Word to the flock. When western Christians started looking to Freud, Rogers, Skinner and others to tell them how to deal with their sin, their lives, or their kids, (which is totally unbiblical and not God's way to transform lives, marriages, or kids) the world of Christianity grew weaker and weaker. The church is asleep in the pews....if they get up and go at all anymore. Scripture no longer means what it says, and pastors are too scared of people leaving churches (i.e. drop in money) to preach the unadulterated truth of God's Word. Faithful ministers and faithful churches are few. So here we sit....and one of our own is in jail because she refuses to follow a law that mandates her to sin.

I was in a church several years ago down in Gonzales, Louisiana where the pastor's wife taught a class on Sunday morning. She was teaching that a wife is to obey her husband, submit to her husband. Well, good, and biblical. But then she started teaching that if the husband asked the wife to abort a baby, watch porn with him, do whatever with him, that the Holy Spirit demanded she submit and therefore her doing such things was not sin but was obedience to God. I was shocked to say the least. Scripture is clear that we follow others only as long as they follow Christ. Even wives. To follow a government's orders in violation of one's sincerely held religious beliefs--and when those beliefs are based on God's law--would be akin to be submissive to one's husband (which is biblical), and claim that means to follow a husband's instruction to go abort a baby or watch porn and somehow claim the Holy Spirit's stamp of approval on such a thing because you were being submissive to your husband. That's twisted thinking.

Ms. Davis had her position because God providentially worked all things together for her to be there at such a time as this. Same as Esther. Esther could have chosen not to go to the King with her plan in hand to save the Jewish people. He could have killed her on the spot for approaching him without an invitation. Daniel could have closed the curtains or stood away from an open window so that people could not see him praying. That would have spared him the lion ordeal. But God calls us not to be Christians in secret. It's very easy to be a secret Christian and then chalk the very private, never persecuted life as something pious. "I'm just living my quiet life as Jesus tells us to do." But Scripture tells us we are a light to the world also. We can't be a light to the world if we are never in the dark places or around people who need light. So quitting her job is not an option for her unless she believes God is calling her to quit. And if all Christians leave their government jobs (like many leaving the public school system), then there is no Christian presence. We are lights when we live our Christianity before the world and they see us take hard stands. Ms. Davis is a light to our country of unbelievers, and passive, weak, sleeping, worldly Christians who want Jesus as Santa, Fairy Godfather, Genie in the sky, give them everything they want and make life rosy with no persecution. But Jesus said, "you SHALL be persecuted." Not may or might or maybe...SHALL.

For those of us who have spoken out about our Christianity and love for Christ, and have lived through torturous circumstances or horrific circumstances laid on us by our own families, thrown to the wolves by our own families, lied about, destroying our character with lies, with very few coming to our aid or speaking out, let alone condemning those actions, Ms. Davis is a sharpening tool for those who claim the name of Christ. She deserves our prayers and our support. It might not be what you were called to do, and you might not have the stomach or strength to take that kind of stand, but she did. Persecution has come to our land. You don't have to look further than our own courts in our own cities. It has been squelched and people have been threatened should they speak of what is being done to them. Don't be deceived. It's not coming, it is here. Pray for God to use this to wake up the sleeping Christians and raise up a generation of those who will fight for our rights as Christians.

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  1. Very well said, and a great platform for a tough discussion about how to manage personal, religious beliefs with the obligation, as a public representative, to maintain the separation of church and state so that all citizens, regardless of faith, are represented in the exercise of their duties. It's also an excellent platform to discuss what we do, as a "free" society when the highest court in the country "interprets" the Constitution that appears to substitute the individual morality of the judges themselves for the right of the people to govern themselves according to their own morals and values. Great post, Susan.