Friday, February 19, 2016

The Real Judge -- You Know, the One that Matters

     A friend messaged me today. It was a little vignette about the judge that matters. The hardest part of knowing this Judge, and knowing he always rules perfectly, is that sometimes....sometimes that ruling won't come until we die. He will recompense. He will take vengeance on  the evil doers, those who stole from us, those who tried to destroy us. We won't have to worry about judges who are bribed, or paid off with huge campaign donations, or even those who look the other way at corruption in their courts. We won't have to worry about the lies and deceit and trickery pulled by opponents in court. If you are a Christian, the Lord, your Judge, the one that matters will indeed do what He says He will do. He will call us to the bench with Jesus our Advocate. He will call those who have worked for our greatest adversary. They will approach the bench handcuffed with the Accuser who they have followed and listened to, willingly. And with the voice of many waters, our great and mighty Judge, will declare us, His people, His children, innocent. He will declare the truth and we will fully comprehend what it means that He knows, He saw, He heard every lie they told, every evil thing done, and He is the only one that matters. And every knee will bow. Our enemies, those who lied about us, cheated, stole, and did so while professing to belong to Him will be proved the false Christians they are. They will not be given another chance to repent. They had their chance. They will not be given a redo. They will not be able to pay this Judge off, or lie, or manipulate the Judge to do their bidding. Their day of false accusations against us will be over. These enemies of the Judge refused every single opportunity to follow Christ's ways, His word. It will be too late. They willingly chose to ignore Him and His great love and mercy. They willingly chose the love of money, their greed, their stuff, over Him. They have no excuse to bring before the great and mighty Judge of All. And we, those who have suffered the most extreme injustice, the most extreme destruction of our name and character, we who have been betrayed and lied about, we will hear and see our great Judge declare our enemies guilty and declare us innocent--wrapped in the blood of Jesus Christ and clothed in His righteousness.
     It's hard because we want vindication now. We want justice now. We want the Lord to act now. Sometimes He will not let things go further and will act in this lifetime. And many times He does not. It's called suffering for righteousness' sake. Suffering because at the end of the day the issue is really that we are hated for loving Christ and His Word. We cling to the promises that God will have vengeance. That God will recompense. We cling to His Word that He is the ultimate Judge. But the suffering is hard. The early Christians considered it a privilege to suffer for their faith. Do we?
     What good comes from such extreme wrongs done? From such extreme, diabolical, evil acts done to believers? Jesus suffered injustice, betrayal, lies about him, lies about his birth. He was thought to be crazy. And all this led to my salvation, my daughter's salvation, yours if you are saved. He told us, if we follow Him we SHALL suffer. Not may or might. Shall. It is sharing in His sufferings.
     If you are in the court system, and you are a bible believing, filled with the Spirit, born again, Jesus really did die on a cross for your sin Christian, then you will suffer. You will suffer in ways nobody outside of Christ can understand. You will suffer because Christ said Christians are not to be in the court system. He told us how to deal with differences and issues. And when others who claim Christ drag you into that system, you will suffer. When they refuse God's ways and choose the way of our great Enemy, you will suffer. And when they claim to be Christians, and do atrocities that no human could ever do, let alone claim to be Christian while doing these things, your heart will break for them. You will not believe it is them, you will make excuses for them, you will plead with them, plead with their so called church leaders, and at the end of the day, you will know they do not belong to Christ. You will pray for them, pray that you will not hate and despise them, pray for them to be saved, to repent, pray that God's mercy would overwhelm them. And you will live in the Psalms praying for their demise before you can ever pray for them to be blessed. You know them. Blessings they will misconstrue as some proof they are "right."
     The only thing that will turn the hearts of these enemies to Christ is Christ. If it never happens they will meet the Judge that matters and they will spend an eternity in the hottest of hell. You will cling to this thought for a time. It is comforting--for a while. You will be like Jonah not wanting them to repent. But if they repent, you have won a sister or brother, mother or father on your knees with tears begging for their souls to be saved--an even harder thing to begin to do. Until that time, trust that the God of all the earth, the Creator that saved you from hell, will recompense and take vengeance. In Scripture we read Hannah praying that God will take vengeance on her enemies. He says He will. We have every assurance He will. It is in this that we trust those who have refused Christ and His Word to the Real Judge, the One that matters!

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