Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bye, Bye, Pop

* They took my elderly parents never to be seen again by me or my daughter.
* They set out on a  planned scheme to destroy my name, my character, my integrity, and to destroy me financially in a scheme that involved taking everything I own from me through illegal and fraudulent court proceedings.
* They used lies, deceit, and fraud in courts, threats to both my daughter and me and my father.
* Their plan involved the use of my best and dearest friend, Pop--my dad, who has Parkinson's, Dementia, and likely Alzheimer's, and my mother--both 84.
* Their plan took my parents at the end of their lives into 4 and still going years of courts suing their own daughter and granddaughter and not knowing what they are doing.
* Who are "they"? My two sisters Betsy Muller and Karen Rogers and my brother-in-law, Jimmy Muller, corrupt attorneys, elderly father's brother, Robert Raborn.
* Why? Because I entered law school at 50 years of age and in my second year asked to see the books and records of three Medicaid Pediatric clinics I own with my sisters.
* Jimmy Muller and CPA Greg Brown had total control of all the money in and out of the clinics for years with no authorization.
* How? The use of corrupt attorneys and courts in Louisiana. 



This is a work in progress...I will be editing. It is for all of you who have lost your elderly parents--not by death, but because your siblings decided to control them...for their own benefit, for money, and for retaliation. My story may be unique in its extreme nature, but I am not alone. Countless people all over the country have lost their elderly parents to siblings whose god is money. Countless people all over have been destroyed so the greedy ones get away with what they have done. There are many of us who know what you have been through....and who care.  This is my story.

To be in this situation is a dark place where nobody can comprehend the extreme grief, the crying, the shock, the devastation, unless you experience it. For friends who have walked this journey with me--who know my parents--it is a shock, a grief they share with me but cannot remotely put their head around though they have seen and heard.

My father is Dr. Charles Raborn. 84. A retired pediatrician, and the best friend I have ever had. I have not seen him or my mom in over 4 years with the exception of litigation appearances. My daughter, has only recently seen them for about an hour—and said they are completely brainwashed, have been severely lied to, believe lies, and have no understanding of what they have done to us. I already knew this—what they have said and done to my daughter and I is the nightmare we have lived at the hands of my two sisters and brother-in-law. The have been used like puppets at the end of their lives to destroy me--their own daughter, and their granddaughter.  

My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s back around 2000, and by 2012 we saw the effects of serious dementia, and possibly Alzheimer’s he said. My daughter and I, the ones who saw him daily, had already started the process one goes through when an elderly parent begins to drift away and all the emotions that entails—expecting him to be the same, but he was not. My mother is elderly as well and showed signs of dementia and confusion. It is a hard process. You want that person to be the same, and yet, you see them unable to carry on a conversation with any depth, they struggle for the right word, and the conversation slowly becomes the weather, a garden, simple things. Complex thinking can no longer be had. For my mother, her knowledge and education as a nurse overshadowed the confusion of facts, events, people. 

My story began during my second year of law school at 51 years of age. I asked to see the books and records of the three Medicaid pediatric clinics I co-own with my sisters and my brother-in-law and the CPA went ballistic. He stated to me, “I’ll show you who is and is not part of this family.” He and the CPA had total control of the Medicaid clinics. What has been done to my daughter and I since that request is literally the attempt to destroy two humans by two elderly parents used by my two sisters and a brother-in-law who do not want anyone looking into the books and records of Medicaid clinics.

My dad was the only father figure in my daughter’s life.  He was there from the time she left the hospital. I am a single mom having raised an amazing daughter alone, now on her way to medical school. God gets the credit! My parents lived 5 minutes from us. For 18 years we saw them pretty much every week. We saw my dad daily. I talked to my dad every day, sometimes two or three times a day since I left home at 18. (I am now 55). Dad was close to my daughter as well. My mom was always very reclusive, but Dad was the life of any get together. He went with us to friends’ homes, the park, taught my daughter to fly a kite, ride a bike, make pralines, garden, swim, and they spent long hours doing science experiments, biology, dissections. They were best buddies. When Pop was around we found ourselves near the one who could make us laugh no matter what. 

On May 29, 2012 my sisters ripped my father and mother from both of us. My sisters literally took them away, brainwashed them, lied to them, and most cruelly, urged them along to engage me in litigation in an attempt to take my life away, take my company ownership in the clinics and the management company, take my home away, bankrupt me in litigation, perjure with lies that would make any daughter and granddaughter wretch. What they are doing is against anything and everything I know of them for 55 years. It is anathema to anything they believe, profess to believe, their character, their very constitution. It is against every Christian value, every Scripture, they profess to believe and taught at Jefferson Baptist church. It is against the Protestant Baptist upbringing I had in church every Sunday, Sunday night, Wednesday night and myriads of weeks in between. It is the work of family members and attorneys manipulating, lying to, threatening probably, influencing, scaring, and coercing my elderly parents---I know so because I know they would die a million deaths before they would ever do such things to their own daughter and granddaughter.

In March 2012 I made the request to see the books of the clinics. My sisters are, Betsy Raborn Muller of Mandeville, La, Karen Raborn Rogers, of Shelby, N.C.  The clinics are Kid Med North, Kid Med South, and Kid Med East in Denham Springs. These two sisters and Betsy’s husband, James (Jimmy) Muller set out on a conspiracy to isolate both my daughter and me from my parents. The scheme they planned, quickly seen in reading through depositions, was to use my father and mother in the most vicious way to get my share of the companies. Not only have they spurred on my elderly parents to engage themselves in myriads of litigation at the end of their lives, but they have done so with vicious, cruel, hatred, such that you would not imagine nor believe would ever come from family. For my mother's part, the vicious cruel hatred for a daughter is commonly seen in Alzheimer's and dementia. She has never been tested to my knowledge, nor would they want her to be...they need her this way. To be pressed to expose their failings and frailties has been heart wrenching. What should be protected by family members--the decline of the elderly persons and their actions of hate associated with disease--has been blasted by them in public. That they would want anyone to believe their parents are this cruel, hateful, vicious is beyond most persons comprehension. 

In the scheme, my sister Betsy admitted that she rummaged through my father’s papers, came up with her own version and printed out new stock certificates, changed the stock register of the companies, and then, coerced my father to sell her my “lost promissory note” for $100—in hopes of getting nearly hundreds of thousands of dollars of my company share so she thought. Again, my father has had Parkinson’s since diagnosed around 2000, dementia, and likely Alzheimer’s. All his drugs cause hallucinations and delusions—which I found out after 3 years of begging 5 different attorneys of mine to get an IME and the doctor’s deposition. Every single one of my attorneys refused—and I even had affidavits from family stating he was out of it mentally. When I asked to see the books, my daughter’s life as well as mine ended that day. The life we knew ended and the plan to destroy both my daughter and me began.  A plan that started with my brother-in-law’s comment: “I’ll show you who is and isn’t part of this family.”

At 50 years of age I started law school. Betsy's husband, Jimmy Muller, and the cpa, Greg Brown and his wife, Sandy, had total control over everything--I would learn in law school there was no proper authorization of this and I was very concerned about compliance with the rules and regulations of our companies and Medicaid. We didn't have a board or meetings. Nothing. Greg and Jimmy were in charge of money in and money out. Even my daughter, the only grandchild interested in going to medical school, was told to stay away after she questioned what was going on at one of the clinics.
As a single mom with no financial support whatsoever from my daughter’s father, and a daughter about to graduate high school (with a 4.2) and go off to college, (now a graduate of Wake Forest), and this being my only substantial support, I was shocked when Jimmy sent an email that the companies were going insolvent and he was not paying any more money upon his own determination—his reasons did not comport with reality. My income had dropped over the years, and what I feared was now happening--that he would stop my income completely as soon as my father went further downhill and did not have the wherewithal to stop him. While all their kids had gone to college with the help and support of my parents, my daughter, the last grandchild, would now be their punching bag too of the most heinous and vindictive acts one could imagine—brought through my parents and their attorney. One thing is for sure…there is not one thing my sisters could ever do that would cause me to use my elderly parents, encourage them to engage them in court battles in their 80’s, to pursue taking from them---everything. There is nothing. My parents aren’t even dead yet—and they’ve done before death what most people with this frame of mind do after death.

As payment for questioning Jimmy (so said my nephew), my daughter and I were isolated from my father and mother with lies that the deepest pit of hell could not conjure up in a restraining order—my sister Karen would later say she and Betsy put it together. The most horrific was when my friends and I were told that my daughter (18 at the time) was an “illegitimate piece of garbage” and my parents wanted nothing to do with her—standing in the courtroom. That right there, along with the outright lies they filed against me, wreaks of dementia, disease, Alzheimer’s, and any person in their right mind would question this—but...

I was told by my own attorney that it would be harassment if I deposed my father and mother, if I requested a medical exam on them, if I sent interrogatories, and if I dared question his capacity. I was told by my attorney that Judge Todd Hernandez said I would never graduate law school if I put my father on the stand, would never be able to take the bar. I don't know if the judge ever said that. My attorney told me that they “knew” people high up, that I would be put on an abuser list, and that my father, my precious father, could die if he were put on the stand and it would be my fault. That was when I thought I would pass out for the first time. I was then told that if I put them on the stand or had a hearing where I could present my evidence, my home would be taken away that very night. My attorney said my daughter and friends would be “packing boxes” that very night. I had not taken civil procedure at the time, but I did know this did not seem right….and I was scared out of my mind as were the 8 friends sitting there hearing all of this. I was told my father would say whatever they told him to say because he did not have capacity, while at the same time this attorney, who kept exclaiming how high his rating was and that I needed to listen to him, kept saying it was harassment to question my father’s capacity and “no telling what the judge would do to you if you put him on the stand.” My attorney, I’d later find out was best friends with the corporate attorney, Bob Angelle, and my brother-in-law. I was told I had to agree to not speak to my parents for 30-60 days “as a cooling off period because they are mad you asked to see the books” or else “it would be worse for you and your daughter.” I would hear this threat again, several times over the next three and a half years. 
My daughter was only 18 at the time. She had no attorney for herself, was not even in the suit, but they put her in the isolate her as well as me from my parents and their they could change corporate history and put into action the plan to destroy both me and my daughter. Duress is not a word that would come close to what I experienced in that court room. Agony. Excruciating agony. When I was told my parents wanted nothing to do with my daughter because she was an "illegitimate piece of garbage," well, that's when I knew it was my brother-in-law and a deranged uncle. My father's brother. I would collapse in a room filled with my friends, crying, shocked.

My father and mother were almost 80 at the time in 2012. Dad had been a pediatrician but long since retired. He turned over the clinics to my sisters and I (I was the only one who worked at all for them and mine were earned) and sold the billing company to us in 2006 (for Dad’s tax purposes). Dad had gone downhill over the past years with the diseases. If you have ever lived and daily interacted with a loved one going down with the loss of memory, inability to carry on a conversation, at the end of their life, you will know the heartache. Conversations are difficult as the depth is gone. The personality changes are hardest as is the lack of emotion from the disease. Where a person would gasp or exclaim, it rolls over a person with my father’s type of Parkinson’s. The emotional center is gone as that part of the brain deteriorates in the neurological damage to the brain my father said.

For my daughter, the horrific actions were worse to bear. Being unwanted by her own father, she had defied the odds by becoming a bright young lady with accolades attributed to her faith and character. Yet, her two aunts, Betsy Raborn Muller, and Karen Raborn Rogers, an uncle Jimmy Muller, and their attorneys would put an axe in her heart—and allow it to stay, twisting and turning—destroying the relationship she had with her grandparents while trying to comprehend what was being done to us and to my parents. While my sisters’ kids had their grandparents in their lives, sharing college, sharing the wonders of being at college, my daughter was purposefully isolated permanently never to see my parents again as long as they lived on this earth, along with me, through fraud and deceit and perjury in a court---signed months later by Judge Todd Hernandez---after I refused to give back my share of the pediatric Medicaid clinics.

What adult child and adult grandchild would ever in a million years agree they would never see their elderly diseased parents again as long as they lived on this earth!!!!! NOT ME!!! NOT MY DAUGHTER!!!! 

Again, Dad was diagnosed around 2000 or so. Mom had early dementia creeping in as well. My daughter and I saw Dad every day or every other day, sometimes several times a day as they lived 5 minutes away. My phone records are no different from 2009, 2010, to 2012. Nor are my daughters. Nobody texted them, nobody called any more than usual. Nobody forced money from them. Nobody ever assaulted and battered anyone. My parents helped me to home school my daughter up until the 10th grade when I put her in school. She was the light of my dad's life. He taught her math and science and she wanted to be a doctor like him. My mom and I were not close, but we enjoyed things together over the years, and she loved helping my daughter with her school work. I had feared what my brother-in-law and cpa were up to for many, many years. I expressed my fears to my father over the years. We talked about it. He thought I was wrong about Jimmy and Betsy. I could not have been more right. The allegations they made up were enough to crush a person to death—and they were lies from my sisters’ and brother in law’s mouth.

In March 2012, when I asked to see the books, what transpired over the course of the next months was the literal isolation of my daughter and I from ever seeing my parents again--a "legal" taking of my parents done in Louisiana’s courts with corrupt attorneys and a broken system. I do not know how we have has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars defending myself against my own parents suing me, my father having no mental capacity, judges not allowing doctor depositions in or being allowed to testify, and the false accusations from the pit of hell itself all for the purpose to destroy me and my daughter in a death by financial destruction, character destruction, and to destroy my daughter. Most importantly, the lack of care or concern by my siblings for our parents. It is more important to them to take all my companies, take my income, take my daughter’s money, with no care….none for my elderly parents. Where most adult children have to constantly correct the thinking of elderly parents, my sisters and brother-in-law egged them on, brainwashed them, and pushed them to court in order for them to gain all their assets and mine too. Most people would never allow their elderly parent to be filled with such hatred--outright hate for a child. Most people would know the signs of dementia and Alzheimer's. Especially nurses. Maybe not nurses who can control the hallucinating drugs of a parent. 

What has happened you would not read in a John Grisham novel. What has happened is a type of hit on our lives, though we still live. One person in this ordeal sat across from me and told me that this was indeed a “mafia hit.” She stated, “they’ve broken your legs, they’ve broken your knee caps, and if you do not agree to their terms it would be much worse for your daughter and you.” I took her to mean that—it was the same fear I had on September 14, 2012 when my own attorney was threatening me—and did so in front of eight friends of mine. My brother-in-law said in that first meeting I called in 2012, "I'll show you who is and is not part of this family." They had this planned for years. Just waiting for dad to be totally gone mentally and mom not far behind. And to this day, 5 attorneys, not one has deposed him--the one who had control of the Medicaid clinics. One now is moving forward to do so--nearly 4 years later. Again, I still haven't seen the full books and records either. It only takes 5 days.

Back in May 2012, my father came over frantic, after I first asked to see the books. He stated that if I pursued looking at the books Jimmy and Greg (cpa) said our lives would be a “hell on earth.” He was absolutely in fear. At that point I did not know much about Parkinson's or dementia other than dad said he would go downhill and we were experiencing that firsthand daily. He was struggling to maintain a conversation and calling my daughter three and four times to go swim when they had already been. My mother was telling my daughter stories about different things that just never happened (my prom dress caught on fire at my senior prom and they had to call the fire department kind of stuff--which never happened). Dad and I were the closest of the daughters and my daughter and I were at their home all the time. We saw dad every day and again, dad and my daughter swam in the mornings.

I called a meeting with my two sisters about what I had seen in the books. The CPA had refused to show me the full books and records, said there was no stock register, no contracts, nothing. He refused to show me any ownership documents—I would later find in testimony that Betsy had spent time going through all the documents of my father at his house—which is why they had to make sure I would not be able to get to my father or any of the corporate documents of ownership. What I did see in the books was my sister, her husband, his niece using credit cards with my Dad's name on the credit cards, lots of spending, and loans taken out by Jimmy Muller, payments to his brother, Dennis Muller. I was very concerned about huge bonuses being paid to doctors and nurses and was concerned about Medicaid rules and regulations. Jimmy Muller sells medical equipment for Depuy. I found out that he had his brother, Dennis Muller, an optometrist, with a Medicaid provider number, in our clinics, seeing our patients. I would later find out my company was paying bills for his office equipment in south Louisiana. I would also later learn Jimmy had given my father a check for $20,000 from one of my companies.  Significant in what was about to happen.

My two sisters showed up at the meeting with this attorney, Robert Angelle. And Jimmy Muller and Greg, the cpa. The meeting seemed eerily staged and they all had been prepped. It was vicious. It was not my sister, Karen--it was like she was not herself but someone who was scared and had been given a script to memorize. In 51 years I had not experienced anything like what she was acting like. It was vicious acting. They were on a mission to utterly and completely destroy me. I had taped the meeting with the CPA. To this day, nobody has wanted to listen or hear that 2 hour tape recording.

After that meeting, my father came over again hysterical. He was holding his head and turning in circles saying to my daughter and I, "They told me I would never see you both ever again. They told me you were suing me for Medicaid fraud. (He has nothing to do with our business since he retired in 2006 and nobody was suing him for anything). They told me you said I was divorcing mom." My daughter and I kept trying to ask him who was telling him all this. I would later recall that in January 2012 he had said my sister Betsy and Jimmy told him I went to law school to sue the clinics. I had thought that such a strange thing he said. Little did I know they had started brainwashing him likely when I went to law school. My father would begin years of suing me, his own daughter.

So when he was over that day in May 2012, he was going from room to room and turning and saying crazy things. My daughter and I tried to calm him down. He then said he had to call Karen, from North Carolina, who had come in for the meeting but we thought she had left to go back to N.C. So we were reminding Dad that he was in Baton Rouge, not North Carolina. Since his car was at the back door we didn't understand why he was trying to leave out the front door or why he was driving, and in such a horrific state. As we got to the back door, my sister, Karen was there. She grabbed my dad and started telling me and my daughter that we would never see my parents again as long as they lived. She was saying I never paid my bills, that Dad paid all my bills (all untrue). I was horrified and told her to come inside and check my bank accounts and see that this was not true. When she stated she “saw for herself” I told my sister it was likely someone showed her a second set of books where it was our sister Betsy and her husband Jimmy paying all their bills out of the company and for many townhomes, condos, beach houses they owned (I would later find out that he had 8 or so companies all mortgaging and buying up property at the beach in Alabama. I would also later find out that Robert Angelle, who said he had never met Jimmy and Betsy before and only just met them was the notary on some of those businesses of Jimmy's dating back to 2004—he did know them, and the question was why did he lie about it). She took my father, put him in the car, never to be seen again.

We tried calling for two months. No answer, no call back, nothing. We went by their home. No lights on even at night, all the locks changed on the doors. My aunt told me, "We don't want to talk, we are scared. We don't want to be involved." My daughter, leaving for college called to no avail. Sometimes we thought it was all an act but we didn't know why or what for. It was like pieces to a puzzle were missing. My father emailed on my birthday. I was upset as he never emailed me but called on my birthday. I had by then found out so many lies he had told me and was upset over what my brother-in-law was doing...something I begged him to understand would happen and he had ignored my pleas over the years. But what were lies they had told him and what were lies from dementia and what were just lies I did not know at the time. My daughter got two calls from him. He said, "They told me I can never talk to you ever again..." And the phone hung up. I was frantic but was also dealing with a daughter about to go away to college and she had committed to Wake Forest. My parents, who paid for all the grandkids college, were now nowhere to be found and my income had been stopped by my sister, Betsy Muller and Jimmy. I had some savings for her, but my parents had established monies for the grands and my daughter was the last one. I also had the MPRE in August and needed to pass that so was caught between trying to find my parents, trying to find out what was going on, getting my daughter ready to leave, studying for the test, calling the sherriff (who did nothing), calling attorneys (who said they could do nothing), calling the police (who did nothing) and scared out of my mind as to what was wrong with my precious father and where were they. I finally found out they had gone to North Carolina at some point so I called the Elderly Services there. My parents were no longer there. I then found out they were back in Baton Rouge and called the Elderly Services here. I was informed they never wanted to see me ever again. I said they were both demented to a degree and my father and mother would never say such a thing—never in a million lives. The DHH never called mutual friends, friends of ours, people in Baton Rouge, my neighbors who were Dad's friends and saw us all the time together, they never called my daughter, never called anyone who lived near us, around us, saw us regularly, nobody.

I took my daughter to college never having seen her grandparents before she left. When I returned there was a sheriff's card. I found out that they had filed a TRO. It was filled with lies from hell itself. Now hell would really begin--hell in courts. I was crying every day and felt like death itself. My mind could not comprehend what was being done to my daughter and I. And the fears of what was being done to my father with daily brainwashing by whomever was devastating me. It is still beyond my ability to comprehend as it is the most evil, cruel, hatred seen or known by anyone who knows us. I found an attorney, Charles Schutte, who I would later learn was best friends with Robert Angelle and Jimmy Muller from New Orleans. Schutte at first knew there was no case, it would be dismissed, dropped. He said we had to depose my dad and show his incapacity with the Parkinson's Dementia. The day after he found out Angelle and Muller were involved, things changed. He then told me we could not depose anyone, could not get a medical exam IME, and an elderly person with those diseases was not a capacity issue—he lied. Again, I had not had procedure in law school yet so was not versed in the illegal stuff that was going on.

I went to court and an elderly uncle, my father's brother who I had been told several years previously suffered himself fro dementia, was there. This uncle had been an estate attorney and my father had not been speaking to him. I believe he may have orchestrated some of this. I believe he worked with Jimmy Muller to plan all this. This man, who I have not been around at all over many years, sat in a court room raising his fists and cheering like it was a football game as my daughter and I sat in shock with our friends—all in tears--no hearing, they had no evidence. Nothing.

At court, I had come prepared with phone statements for both my daughter and I, all my bank statements, everything. They had nothing at all but their tuition check for my daughter's high school one year. I had my check to the high school dated the next day for the amount. They had nothing to substantiate any of their perjerous allegations. Nothing. I was told by my attorney that if I did not agree to not speak to my parents for 30-60 days that I would: never graduate law school, never pass the bar if I even got that far, be accused of assault and battery and be on a list of abusers, lose my home that very night, that my father could die and it would be my fault, that my daughter was an illegitimate piece of garbage and my parents wanted nothing to do with her so they were putting her name in a restraining order too (all illegal), that they would tell my father to say anything and he would comply. 8 friends sat with me in shock. I collapsed afterwards. At no time was the word "permanent" ever used. I believe their attorney later went and they doctored the tape of the proceeding. None of us heard permanent nor would I ever agree to any such thing. Afterwards, Schutte told all of us, “This is no big deal, my friends in law school getting divorced got these all the time. 30, 60 days. No big deal. Your parents just need to cool off.” I would later have another attorney who “argued” the rejection of a “judgment” placed illegally (without circulating) before Judge Hernandez, to his law clerk. A law clerk is not the judge and the way this was done was one more illegality in the whole thing. I would later learn that an attorney I spoke to for nearly 45 minutes, who wanted to take my case and who pressed me to tell him everything on the phone, was the law clerk’s husband. Even in an email where he said he was not allowed to practice in that court because he was “friends” with some of the staff—even then he failed to tell me he was the law clerk’s husband. Needless to say, information was passed from him to the law clerk to the opposing attorney.

After that I began to figure out the attorney was surely in with my siblings and the corporate attorney. The extreme of what has been done is so vile. I called the judge’s office to let them know I was firing my attorney. The law clerk stated that if I fired him I would see "just what would happen" and "you'll see what the judge will do to you if you do that." Once it got too much and too obvious he was working to my detriment I filed the termination and then told her it was done. I was later given the name of an attorney to contact to help. I talked to him for around 45 minutes. I told him the things the law clerk had said, what had been done to my daughter, to me, that there was something amiss with the law clerk. He took all this in and said send him everything and he was on board. The next day I received an email that he couldn’t help me because he didn’t practice in that court because he was close to the staff. Even in that email he failed to tell me he was the husband of the law clerk!
My sisters were trying to take my home from me, threaten that it would get worse if I didn't give them my share of the clinics, then they had my parents' attorney threaten that they'd take my home away if I didn't give my parents back my companies. All the while completely isolated from my parents. I had paid dad $120-130k for my house that I found years ago. It was $150k. Dad wanted it for tax and I'd pay him back. To this day my parents deny filing an eviction against me. As the months went on, September to April, and I would not give the companies back to them and their threats didn’t work, their attorney, behind the back of yet another attorney for me, filed his own version of a consent agreement, not consented to. My attorney refused to call for a hearing, refused to file a motion, refused to do anything. The law clerk “heard the case” and sent an email saying the judge was signing Steve Leblanc’s version. The attorney for my parents. I did not vote for a law clerk to hear cases. And again, my daughter was thrown in illegally and I never agreed to such a thing.

In court depos and documents the story of their scheme is clear. They had to isolate me because the documents were never completed (I was still the majority owner). They were at my parents' home too (or with the CPA).  So they got to work looking for documents and doctoring documents, rewriting corporate history. Again, my sister, Betsy Muller, admitted she printed out her own set of stock certificates, searched my parents’ home for documents, and they all were at her disposal to doctor up, do with as she wanted. Change history. Meanwhile, Betsy had not paid on her promissory note for two years. Mine was at my home in my files. Before I thought to change my locks on my doors, Dad had a key to my house. So my house files were ransacked. Betsy then back paid her note in November 2012 for the past two years she had not paid, then met with the attorney my father and I had met with about my ownership. That done, she persuaded my father to sell her my "lost note" for $100. All unknown to me because we had been isolated. No calls, no nothing.

Next, they got my father and mother to sue me…for the third time. One suit my sister Karen said she and Betsy orchestrated. They made up false allegations that I violated the illegal and fraudulent “consent” agreement and put people’s names in there I did not know and never met and never spoke to....just lies. My cousin was furious as they used her name in a contempt motion and it was lies. They used another cousin I had gotten law school outlines from, but had not spoken to in over a year. They used an aunt who had just had a stroke, and made up lies about their pastor.

My father and mother's depo is sad in their incredulousness. My father states my mom had nothing to do with me since I was 3. My mom states that I told my best friend and my best friend's mother was friends with her friends and now her friends know what she did to me and to my daughter and it bothers her so I need to go 3 months to prison. They put in people I did not know, had never met, nor had ever spoken to. They put in a cousin I had not spoken to in a year or so, and another cousin who was furious as my mom made up lies about her too. Yes, they tried to put me 3 months in prison for this—it bothered them others knew what they were doing so I needed to go to prison (i.e. not jail).
My father then filed to evict me and take my home away (my parents have no idea about this and deny ever doing so). Again, I have been in my home for 20 years or so. I found it and waited a year. My father suggested it be in his name so he could get the tax writeoff, and I paid him over $120,000 for a $150,000 house. (As of the moment, my elderly parents have changed all their wills, put my house in a trust with two sisters as the beneficiaries). In this law suit they also added in that they wanted the sale to me of Pedicons (the billing company/promissory note) dissolved but Dad didn't have the note, nor did they have any knowledge or accounting of anything that had to do with my note. And Betsy had my note so they said. But she did not as none of them had the actual note. So they then filed in another court the same suit and should not have been allowed to pursue that suit. That suit we won because we knew Betsy stated she bought my note (never told me....and to understand, if you have a promissory note that someone is paying you on, and you sell it to someone else, you have to notify the person paying). Two weeks later after winning the judge says that my father's attorney can redo. They miraculously find the “lost” note and have now put forward these transfer of lost note documents and guess what? Betsy does not really own it because she happened to sell it back to Dad so he supposedly really does have the right to sue me—only he can’t. Now Dad is 82 and does not know anyone’s name at a funeral family went to. My cousin said he was surrounded. We would find out that he has been hospitalized several times for confusion. We finally deposed the doctor who gave no info. My own attorney, a new paid off by them attorney, pulls a no-show at the hearing demanding the attorney talk. But I was there unbeknownst to everyone. I stepped forward ready to go and the judge stopped the hearing until my attorney showed. He still didn't as it was planned that he not show I am quite sure. After about 30 minutes he came running in.

Meantime my two sisters stopped my income, and I found out they were paying themselves dividends and not me. There was $167,000 or so owed to me that I now had to pay taxes on. They withheld my money and paid themselves. I sued them to give me my money that the IRS was told had been paid to me. That judge stated that no they can't pay themselves and not me, but that day, he said they could.

After months and months and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, I had to sit in a trial with my father suing me and talking out his head, confused, unable to even remember breakfast. Before the trial he came up to me and said, "Why are you suing me? Why? Let's work it out." He did not even realize he was suing me. The law states there SHALL NOT be a jury unless it is over $50,000. This was because my dad couldn't remember $3000 he told me to put in my daughter's savings account for college. Because we bartered back and forth on expenses I had a trail of every penny. My attorneys refused to put much of this in evidence. My bank found the check for the exact amount the week before the trial. The judge refused to allow it in even though the law is to prove payment. $3786.92. It had been written to mom and dad instead of dad and mom so when they searched the name did not come up. We showed my payments. We showed the scheme to coerce my father. The judge refused to allow the doctor to testify or his depos to be allowed. The law is that there is no dissolving stock if even partial payment has been made. Why didn't he get my father's financial guy we had met with? The other doctor who knew what my sister was doing? Nobody who knew about the clinics and what my father was doing tax wise was a witness for me. There was a huge thing about dad's attorneys wanting to write in a stipulation agreement. It is my firm belief that the jurors were told there had been a settlement and that I agreed to give him my stock back. If you read the transcripts you would be appalled. The jury was out about 45 minutes. How could a jury go over all the law about dissolution, promissory notes, tax implications and everything else? It took 30 minutes just to read through the laws. Let alone apply them.

I have now been reduced to bankruptcy. I recently found out their plan was for me to go to bankruptcy. My two sisters put all my parents’ assets in a trust with themselves as beneficiaries. Betsy told me they did this (Nov 2014) to “protect your house from bankruptcy.” The house they continue to try to take from me. However, in November 2014 I couldn’t have told you one word of bankruptcy nor were there any discussions of such. We went to the mediation February 4, 2016. My parents and all of us were to meet together (I know from others that my father is not lucid at all and can barely walk). I never saw them but upon leaving. My dad raised his head up from hanging well below his neck and mouthed, “I love you.” “I love you too Dad,” I mouthed back. My sister Karen went crazy yelling, “TRO, TRO, get away.” What people do this? My mind cannot comprehend the hate, the vicious, vicious, hate. The mediation was me sitting in a room alone. I never saw anyone else other than Betsy walking to my parents' room. I was told they kept separate. They did not. I know the attorneys were there. I was told that I had to agree to give all my assets to my sisters, I got nothing in return, the $167,000 in the escrow account they took from me--the money I owe taxes on, would be given back, but hey, I'd at least have my daughter and $800k of debt. The clinics are worth about $3million. They thought they had orchestrated the plan to take the billing company away, but failed to realize its the actual clinics that are worth the money. Then it became give $250k to my daughter’s medical school education, put my home in a trust until my parents die, give everything to my sisters, don’t get anything in return, all suits dropped, keep the injunction that I never see my parents ever again. I did get my parents to see a counselor and me and he decides, and I keep all the debt. When he started seeing the truth of the lies being told to my parents they quickly decided they did not want any mediation. Of course, their offer was something no bankruptcy judge could ever approve. They continue to state to everyone that I filed all the lawsuits against them. Yet, it is them. They have no idea of trying to evict me. The counselor told them he had the filed petition copy and had sent it to them. Today their attorneys still say Dad is ok. He is not. He is dying.

One thing is for sure, my father and mother would die a million deaths before they would ever do such things to their own daughter and granddaughter. Every attorney I have had has refused to get an IME, refused to get the books and records in full so I can have a forensic audit, and have charged huge amounts of money. Meanwhile, my sisters have taken all my parents property and put it in a trust with themselves as beneficiaries. They have now moved my parents out of their home to a gated secure community an hour away. After over a year and many thousands of dollars, I got my daughter out of the consent agreement. She said they are nothing but confused and believing lies. She said my father is completely out of it and cannot speak.

They tried to keep me from passing the bar and did so for a year. My sister said they "knew people high up and they were making sure I would never be an attorney." They then tried to frame me (I believe) through the bar admission committee guy. This man called me and said I better do exactly what he said or I'd never be an attorney as HE decided who is and is not an attorney. He said I'd have to go down to New Orleans and see this woman and give blood and it would be $450 an hour. It would take several hours and maybe every week for a year to five years. I told him he was barking up the wrong tree, I believed him to be paid off, and I'd have everyone I knew from here to kingdom come write letters in--people who actually knew me and knew my life. He threatened me that if anyone wrote one letter I'd never be an attorney. At that point I knew he was going rogue and so had many people write letters. The DOJ in D.C. came out with a scathing reprimand to the bar committee and Supreme Court of Louisiana. Not the same but similar in that they were trying to keep people from a livelihood by getting into their personal affairs. So after that they left me alone. But it was a year. 

Two attorneys have self recused on three matters. Judge Todd Hernandez. He has self recused and for no valid reason on one case. Judge Wilson Fields. He has also self recused. Judge Tom Kelley, who I will ask to recuse himself.

There is much more, but I know it's a lot to take in with just this. We are Christians and at the end of the day, the attack is from those in my family who have rejected Christ, His terms, His ways. The thing that matters most to my sisters and brother-in-law is the destruction of my name, my character, my integrity as a Christian. It is how you vilify Christians.

My parents, my precious take the two people closest to him, my daughter and I, to yank them never to be seen again, is beyond all comprehension. Again, my dad is dying. I desperately need to see my father. What has been done to my father, my daughter, my mother, and me…at the hands of two sisters and a brother-in-law, is the most vicious act other than death I could ever experience. And this has always been what my brother-in-law and sister Betsy have wanted. There are times when I've thought that my sisters are being lied to as well. But at this point, when they have had every opportunity to sit down and talk, they have refused. For them, it is money. They want money. A lot of it and mine and my daughter's. I don't know people like this. And for three years I argued with everyone that they were being threatened, lied to, and did not know the truth of what they were doing. Now, I'm not so sure. They chose to be deceived. They chose to isolate. 

My story would seem hopeless if I did not have Christ. My story would not be bearable, without my faith and my daughter's faith and encouragement. I would not have made it through without friends and my precious cousins Pam, Jeff, Rhonda, Ashley. For a Christian, your family are those that love Christ and serve Him. Josephus, a great historian stated, "My how they love each other." Without faith, I would think this irreparable. But I know God. I know how big He is. And I will never give up. Ever.

Please watch me speak at the Louisiana Senate Committee hearing for the Kasem Cares Visitation Bill that just passed and was signed by our Governor.  Go 12:30 minutes in.

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  1. This is a story that plays out over and over again around the country. One sibling is caring for and milking the aging parents while the rest of the family is too far away to fight. This only drives a bigger wedge in between these children, especially when the cause is someone who married into the family causing all the trouble.

    Robert @ Weik Bankruptcy Attorney