Tuesday, December 28, 2010

End of First Semester

Wow! I got on a train in August (the train of law school) and it went 1000mph until December 10 at noon when I finished my last final! It was absolutely the most fun!! I love school, and all the reading! Criminal Law was the hard class--because it was so sad reading the cases. Contracts was the most fun--mainly because my professor is just highly entertaining and makes contracts more fun than any other class. The kids are incredible to be around! I've met students from all over the place. Some from very sad backgrounds themselves, and their stories of how they have made it are just amazing and encouraging!

Layne had a tough semester as well. We spent many nights studying and studying. Frozen dinners became a staple, with mom's cooking here and there. Wash piled high, and our house had never been dustier! We crashed for the first week after exams!

Hope to blog more, but if 2nd semester is anything like 1st--or worse, then it won't be till May!


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