Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well, it's almost the end of our third week. Layne and I have both been studying a ton. She gets home and starts her homework with me right next to her. It's very fun.  The other day I was getting texts from my school friends. She just couldn't understand what I was doing on the phone. You see, I have never been much of a phone person or a texter. Nope. Don't generally text at all. So in the course of a meal I got a bunch of texts and she finally threw her hands down and said, "MOTHER, what are you doing!?" I said, "Just texting." Her, "Texting WHO?" I said, "My friends.  My SCHOOL friends!" Nanny Nanny Boo Boo. I now can sit and do that irritating texting while someone is talking too!! It was quite the teaching moment. I think she couldn't believe I was actually texting.

What a wonderful, fun time I am having! Being around the kids...I mean...young adults is just priceless. I have met such interesting people. Last weekend I had our study group over. Several people were just too swamped with what was due Monday to come. Frankly, we still don't quite know what we need to study or how to do a study group, but this will come. The profs keep saying after Labor Day things are going to be much different. Translated means it's going to get really fast and really tough. So we are all preparing to get as much ahead as we can this weekend.

One of my profs is just like Madea. I have laughed and laughed at her hysterical comments in the class. She needs to be in Hollywood writing comedy! Another professor is just as funny. The library is the hangout, especially for section 1. One of their professors looks around in the atrium and if you look back at him he assumes you don't have much to do sitting out there so assigns you work. He has everyone in that section pretty nervous. I was worried he might start assigning work to other sections as well...

Food is great at House of Java. That's the coffee shop in the atrium. The coffee is superb and Horatio is surely a staple character there with his jazz music going every morning bright and early.

The 2L's and 3L's are incredibly helpful. They are always willing to sit and talk and help you figure out how to study or prepare for exams. Everyone is so willing to help everyone else. I think that is a unique thing at my school.

Well, I'm preparing for a tennis match tonight and then a weekend of work!

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