Thursday, August 5, 2010

The countdown begins! 7 days until Orientation at Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! I'm nervous, excited, butterflies in the stomach, and did I say, nervous?!

My name is Susan and I just turned 50 in July! Although I had been accepted into the part-time night program at Southern, I didn't find out until last week that I could go into the full time day program. Three years instead of four. Since I'm no spring chicken, one year mattered...a lot.

My reason for only being able to enter school in the day program is my precious daughter, Layne. At 16 she's the priority in my life, the joy in my life, and the greatest blessing I could ever have hoped for. She's going to be a junior this year and there's just no way I'd leave her to herself all night, every night while I went to school. So we prayed and prayed I'd be allowed to go day. I got my schedule in the mail and there it was! Day classes! With her 4 AP classes and my schedule, well, our house will now be the official study dorm. I told her we'll be looking forward to A+'s with the amount of studying that will be going on.

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