Thursday, August 12, 2010


Wow! What a fun day. My eyes teared up when the Chancellor said, "Welcome Class of 2013!" I met a ton of people - nobody older than me - yet. Already have homework in Civ Pro. The day was long. We got out around 4:15 or so.

Drove to my tennis match for playoffs of my mixed doubles team. We lost all three courts and are now in 2nd place with one more game to go. If the top team wins all three courts it's over. But if we win all three courts and they lose a court, well, then we could be in to go to State.

I missed Layne all day. I wished she could have been there with me to experience the day. But she was having her own fun at her 2nd day of 11th grade. She worked on a Calculus spiral and was a bit bummed about her grade. We were bummed together. But my team is awesome and I thought we all did great.

Tomorrow is another day of orientation.

Big stress is the parking and having to get there early to catch a shuttle to the Law Center building. You can't be late to class.

All in all a great day and lots of wonderful people to get to know over the next 3 years!

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