Friday, August 20, 2010

End of First Week!!!!

Ok, well, first week is just about over. Two classes today and I'm home for the weekend. Layne has had a great week as well.  Of course, with the hectic mornings she is now convinced the only way to survive is for me to buy her a car! That way, transportation won't be an issue.

I have met some of the neatest kids ever!! From all over the place! Southern University Law Center has pulled together an awesome Class of 2013! The spirit of the faculty around here is just amazing. The teachers (though they can scare the p out you) are out for your good. Their desire for everyone to succeed is just wonderful. They are open, accessible and most of all, begging you to come in and get help whenever you need it. At the moment, I'm thinking I'll be busting their doors down.

The funny thing is the way the kids get all their info texting. Of course, as a 50-year-old I'm out of the loop. So one person can panic or hear wrong assignment work and (hee-hee-hee) they are up all night doing needless work that was not really assigned. I come to school all rested because I'm out of the loop! I have the feeling I could come up with some pretty great pranks!

Torts is the hardest class. She made us sit alphabetically. HORRIBLE! I am in the middle of a row up top. Now, she won't allow you to breathe let alone get up and go pee. So the more I thought about that the more I had to go, and the more I couldn't concentrate because I was stuck in the middle, which gave me more anxiety, which really made me have to go.  I bolted out the door as fast as I could when the class was over!

I am truly looking forward to studying with Layne all weekend, church (need prayer!), and some much needed sleep!

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